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Cater to Your Community

  • ParkingCAST
  • CommunityCAST
  • SportsCAST

All CAST products support four key functions


League or community functions, team practices, community teams, games, practices, or team events – with immediate notification of changes, etc. Includes venue and official coordination.


Broad league or community, team or activity-based awareness, or individual with direct notification on the app to create the specificity needed for immediate awareness.


Join a league, team, club, activity with general registration terms and any league specific required information. Secure personal data.


Secure verification of payment, reminders, and records of your registration for fees paid. Supports all common mobile payment methods.


  • Fast Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Seasonal Rates
  • Daily and Hourly Rates
  • Enforcement.


  • Manage Local Groups
  • Activities
  • Direct Communication
  • Schedule Awareness


  • Manage a League
  • Individual Teams
  • Participants
  • Spectators

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