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Cater to Your Community

  • ParkingCAST
  • CommunityCAST
  • SportsCAST

All CAST products support four key functions


League or community functions, team practices, community teams, games, practices, or team events – with immediate notification of changes, etc. Includes venue and official coordination.


Broad league or community, team or activity-based awareness, or individual with direct notification on the app to create the specificity needed for immediate awareness.


Join a league, team, club, activity with general registration terms and any league specific required information.


Secure verification of payment, reminders, and records of your registration for fees paid. Supports all common mobile payment methods.


  • Fast Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Seasonal Rates
  • Daily and Hourly Rates
  • Enforcement


  • Manage Local Groups
  • Activities
  • Direct Communication
  • Schedule Awareness


  • Manage a League
  • Individual Teams
  • Participants
  • Spectators

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