SportsCAST provides seamless communication directly via a secure mobile app. Automated for various communities – personal (friends), section, team, and/or league – it provides the ability to update and push multi-tiered messages to designated audiences including links to rules/regulations for the league or governing bodies.


One of the key values of SportsCAST is the ability to coordinate the scheduling for games or activities at the league level, or even the practices or other events (i.e. team dinner) at a team level.

Linked to availability of venues, referees, etc. – it is easy to set up, set the schedule, confirm participation, and send links to calendar entries (for Google, Apple, or Outlook). Additionally, changes are automatically pushed to the appropriate participants and interested parties as assigned in their profiles.

Register & Pay

Hassle Free payments for dues or entry participation are PCI compliant and support Paypal, credit, and debit cards.

Key Features


Though the SportsCAST app is mobile based for ease of use and accessibility, it also provides a secure website portal. This facilitates web searches, advertising opportunities, league setup, team setup, dues and fees coordination, and general reports.

  Customizable Metrics

SportsCAST has the web-based ability to provide reports for scores, league records and standings, as well as payment/dues status. It also can provide follow-up notices for those who may be delinquent in their payments.

  Safety First

Secure background checks, as well as certification of all officials, coaches and administrators can be provided directly through the SportsCAST App. It also verifies the identity of all participants. This enables a secure and safe environment for all participants.

  Youth Control

While geared towards the athletes themselves, there is a parental control option if the athlete is under 13 years old or for monitoring if older than 13. Parents have the ability to sign-up for schedule notices, key events, and game day duties including team dinners, tailgating setup, field support, or snacks. They may also communicate with parents of other team members through the app.

  Spread the Word

Get the message out to the community with SportsCAST. Broadcast upcoming events and campaigns via push notifications. Whether tournaments, fundraisers, or other events, a broadcast can be sent with geographic parameters, depending on the audience and goals of the event.

  Sit Back and Spectate

Even spectators can take advantage of the app and access team or league-based schedules along with providing updates and notices for games, times, and locations based on their customized preferences.