Free & Seasonal Permit Management

Includes traditional, daily, and hourly fee processing. Seasonal rates adjustments and specific hours of enforcement are included.

Enforcement, Ticketing, and Multi-violation notices

In order to ensure that there is no breakdown in communication between law enforcement and civilians, ticketing and multi-violation notices will be virtual with direct notifications.

Payment Processing

We allow payment through the use of credit cards and PayPal to ensure the ability for all clients to be able to conveniently use the app.

Revenue Tracking/Reporting

Monitoring your increase in revenue will be a breeze with the app’s analytics page.

Key Features


Download the app, register with desired payment, select parking zone, select rate type, if hourly – select duration. Optional: select reminder (via app notice) at the end of your selected parking duration. If needed, add more time remotely.


Optional ability to create groups of local residents or employees for free parking, Seasonal rates, and Hourly/Daily rates applicable for your environment.

  Register & Pay

Hassle Free payments are PCI compliant and support all types of authorization and payment of fines and tickets.


Supporting multiple tiers of parking solutions with free, seasonal, and hourly rates.


Monthly reports: that include each payment, fees, net revenue, in a common .csv file format that is easy to import into financial systems. Violations, including multiple violations with picture verification.


Scanning app solution via mobile device – linked to the cloud-based database with real-time return notice of GOOD/BAD results. Access to details, and picture retained to provide verification and backup.