CommunityCAST provides seamless communication directly via a secure mobile app. Automated for various communities – personal, section, team, and the community at large – it provides the ability to update and push multi-tiered messages to designated audiences including links to the broader websites for background information.

CommunityCAST allows for customized polling which can help managers or leaders determine what preferences the group might have – with automated logging of the results and reports.


One of the key values of CommunityCAST is the ability to coordinate the scheduling for activities at the community, group, or team level – and instantly link to personal calendars on Apple, Google, or Microsoft Outlook calendars. Changes can be automatically communicated through the app for instant notification.

Register and Pay

Special team activity registration that needs fees or dues payment, CommunityCAST provides hassle free payment via a PCI secure and compliant solution.

Key Features

  Customizable Teams and Activities

Create and individually select the teams and activities you want to offer, join, and participate in.

  Selectable Communication

For large and small groups or individual notes.

  Emergency Notices

High priority, direct to the app, notices can be easily set up and pushed to all associated participants. Localized notices can be created based on geographic (GPS) coordinates.

  Private and Public Teams

Invitation only teams can be set up for private interactions, while public groups allow any participant to join.